SNC Extends Hand to Alawite Community in Syria

Sunday, 26 February 2012
The regime has tried, since the beginning of the Revolution, to fragment Syrian society and drive a wedge within mixed communities by dividing cities along military and security lines. The regime has also tried to instill fear among ethnic communities, killing people from multiple sects and terrorizing Alawites. The regime has tried to enlist their support in crushing the Revolution.

The result is that while the majority of Alawites believed the criminal regime, many stood up for the uprising. However, given the regime’s tricks, including deliberately leaking videos of massacres, we must acknowledge that there is sectarian strife and a risk of fragmentation of Syrian society. This is the result of the regime’s brutal violence, which has led to an increase in sectarianism. However, it is important to emphasize that the first step in halting sectarian strife in Syria is to overthrow the regime. We in the SNC consider members of the Alawite sect to be an essential element of Syria’s cultural and ethnic fabric. It is shameful for us, the people of an undivided nation, to target a community by name instead of calling upon their national citizenship. However, this is the result of the regime’s actions.

The Alawites remain an important component of Syria, and will continue to enjoy the same rights as other citizens as we build one nation of Christians, Muslims, and other sects. The regime will not be successful in pitting us against one another. We are determined to unite our society, and the first step is for us to extend our hand to our Alawite brothers and sisters, to build in Syria a nation governed by citizenship and the rule of law.

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