SNC Military Bureau

The SNC Military Bureau was formed on March 1st, 2012 to serve as a Ministry of Defense for the Office of the President with military and civilian members. The Bureau serves both as a liason with the different armed opposition groups including the Free Syrian Army (FSA), and to plan an overall strategy for armed resistance that best serves the Syrian Revolution.

The Military Bureau will liase with armed opposition groups, organize and unify their ranks under one central command, define their defense missions, place them under the political supervision of the SNC, and coordinate their activities in accordance with the overall strategy of the Revolution.

In forming the Military Bureau, the SNC reiterates its full support for the FSA, armed opposition groups, civilian protection commissions, and other independent honorable defectors from the Assad army.The SNC also emphasizes its commitment to the demands of the great Syrian people and their heroic revolutionaries, particularly its demand for foreign intervention to prevent further bloodshed. All forms of intervention are on the table, and the SNC is conducting continuous talks with several countries regarding the different intervention models; political, military, or humanitarian – to bring down the Assad regime and peacefully transition to a free and democratic rule.

The Military Bureau will promote compliance of armed groups with internaitonal humanitarian laws. It will also work on maintaining peace and stability after the fall of the Assad regime in order to safeguard the nation against chaos and infiltrators who attempt to cause instability.

A study issued by the Strategic Research and Communication Center entitled "Safe Area for Syria: an Assessment of Legality, Logistics, and Hazards" lays out the different forms of intervention with the risks and logistical elements that need to be considered. The SNC has been working with military experts, academic professionals, public policy experts, and strategic advisors to formulate the most accurate approach for civilian protection and to achieve the goal of ending the regime of Assad.

The SNC submitted official requests to the Arab League and the United Nation to exercise the "Responsibility to Protect" and save the innocent lives being killed and tortured in Syria. The UN Security Council failed several times to issue a condemnation due to the veto by Russia and China. However, the UN General Assembly and the Human Rights Commission both issued condemnation resolutions. The Arab League issued historic resolutions and imposed sanctions against the Assad regime.

What should be realized is that global politics and shifts in regional and global allignments takes time to persuade and change. The SNC has been working deligently on several courses of action to rally international support for the idea of humanitarian corrdiors, safe zone, official recognition of SNC as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people, humanitarian assistance and political support in addition to supporting the Free Syrian Army in a planned and coordinated fashion. To this effect the SNC followed several leads with the UN, International Criminal Court, Arab League, Organization of Islamic Conferences, as well as individual visits to different governments.

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